Mendeley: An Easy to Use Reference Management Tool

Mendeley: An Easy to Use Reference Management Tool Trainer: Dr. Haroon Rashid, PhD, SMIEEE, MIET, ITAC Learning Hours: 1 – 2 Hours Medium of Instruction: English Recommended Software: Mendeley Desktop Prerequisites: Basics of Microsoft Word and Scholarly Resources


Making and organizing notes is a fundamental activity of researchers. Writing technical paper and/or thesis is a tedious job especially when you must have to comply with author guidelines and you are not familiar with the available reference management utilities. A variety of tools now exist that support all types of note taking, research paper organization, swift thesis writing and citation management, whether you are working in a lab, archive or out in the field. But knowing which tools are right for you, can be a challenge. This workshop aims to make that choice easier by introducing and deepening the reference management skills. This course will introduce you with to the best, high in demand and user friendly reference management software called Mendeley Desktop. Throughout the session you will be familiarized with the basic to the advance features of Mendeley and at the end, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of using Mendeley reference tools, you’ll be able to effectively organize your research papers with minimum effort, you’ll be able to share your literature with your fellow researchers and backup your data using online Mendeley library and most importantly, you’ll be able to add a variety of citation styles and make your very own tailor-made citation style in no time.


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